Wood plastic composite knowledge quiz

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Wood plastic composite knowledge quiz

Q: What is the wood plastic composite? Wood plastic is used for what occasion?

A: The wood plastic composite materials is the use of plastic and wood fiber extrusion and molding a building material in accordance with a certain proportion. Both the two characteristics of plastic water corrosion and texture of wood, makes it outdoor building materials (flooring, fencing, a stool or waterfront landscape) the material of choice.

Q: Wood plastic which colors to choose from, and the need for paint?

A: Different and wood, the wood does not require paint can have a wide choice of colors (sometimes different colors will affect the price). And due to a special molding process of the WPC, so that it the fade problem does not exist.

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Q: Wood Plastic will fade?

A: Yes. The WPC in 10 to 12 weeks after exposure to the sun and humid environment there will be a slight fade.

Q: Wood plastic is easier to burn than wood?

A: WPC profile C grade building materials, combustion conditions similar timber. After the experimental combustion characteristics, wood plastic does not burn more easily than wood. WPC combustion temperature is needed to reach 86 degrees.

Q: In the export quarantine it? Need fumigation it? Need special documents?

A: No, with natural wood, due to the WPC special processes and formulations, export fumigation products belongs to, and does not require any special documents.

Q: Wood plastic is made from recycled materials?

A: Yes. Greenwood is recycled plastic and waste wood chips or rice bran and other natural plant fiber as raw material processed.

Q: Where the difference between WPC and PVC?

A: 100% plastic and plastic wood (PVC), WPC is made of plastic and wood chips in accordance with the male similar to the ratio of 1: 1. With natural fiber ingredients, WPC has better UV resistance and lower thermal expansion and contraction performance, and ease of processing the same as wood.

Q: WPC shape? What are the size specifications?

A: Ecological wood after mixing extrusion, its shape and mold. The common floor class 140 25, 140 35 and other common class of column 90 90, 120 120, and other specifications. The cross-sectional dimensions of the different manufacturers will be different. There is no unified standard. The special shape and size can be customized mold. The length of the composite wood theory can achieve any long.

Q: WPC profile of how life?

A: According to data from abroad, the life expectancy of up to 25 years under normal conditions of use of WPC.

Q: How long is the service life of outdoor composite wood materials?

A: wood plastic is used in a large number of outdoor and most are used in crowded public places, time to accept the test of the flow of people and the environment, green can be echo wood in such a high-density occasions, WPC life 5 years When used in private places or people less traffic areas, WPC can live up to 10 years.

Q: Wood plastic is an environmentally friendly material? How do I dispose of WPC profile? Abandoned wood plastic pollute the environment?

A: Wood plastic environmental significance of multiple, on the one hand, consumed causes environmental pollution of waste plastic and wood flour, on the other hand, can effectively replace the use of wood in outdoor, which a lot of saving precious natural resources. Bo for ecological wood because not contain any toxic ingredients, you can do the same and other ordinary construction waste, will not cause any pollution to the environment. Can be recycled.

Q: Compared with the general timber, the weight of the wood plastic?

A: WPC important than the much larger than the general timber, usually in the 1.1 or more, the general wood specific gravity of 0.4 to 0.7, even a large proportion of hardwood, the proportion of only around 1.0. So is much heavier than the same volume for wood plastic.

Q: Wood plastic processing, require special tools?

A: The word plastic timber processing is simple, in some ways even easier. Just use ordinary wood processing tools wood plastic cutting, drilling and other processing.

Q: What type of screws suitable for WPC profile?

A: It is recommended that the use of high-quality stainless steel, hot dip galvanized screws, especially recommended for use with threaded screw, which helps increase the screw nail holding power.

Q: WPC profile can be used for structural parts?

A: No. Although ordinary WPC profile has a high strength and toughness, but do not have the same as the timber rigid, and therefore cannot serve as the structural member. But after modified glass fiber reinforced wood plastic with high rigidity, can be used for structural parts.

Q: installation WPC span requirements?

A: Yes, the installation of composite wood profiles joists to span cannot be too large. Profiles installed with joists 45 degrees inclinations, please joist spacing is reduced by at least 10cm special uses of the environment or exceptional load conditions – such as a hot water baths – installation may require shorter spacing. Before installation, please did some engineering analyzes.

Q: installation, whether the need to stay in the gap?

A: Yes, taking into account the drainage, cleaning as well as the mild thermal expansion / contraction factor WPC profile installation, edge-to-edge, must be adequate clearance between the head-to-head. WPC wet and dry because of the environment will not occur in the expansion and contraction, but will have a certain degree of expansion and contraction in accordance with the temperature changes, so heads are no gaps in the side to side and the head, especially in the winter installation pay special attention to.

Q: WPC profile can be bent to it?

A: Yes. By heating, wood plastic and suitably bent to a certain extent.

Q: WPC profile How should I store?

A: compared to the same volume of wood and wood plastic, wood and plastic to be much heavier and better toughness. In wood plastic storage, especially for long-term storage, should pay attention to be placed flat on the ground, to prevent deformation.

Q: Wood Plastic water absorption is high?

Answer: A layer of plastic layer is wrapped around the wood fibers and other natural fibers. Wood plastic water absorption is very low. Very suitable for the waterfront landscape.

Q: The cold weather will affect this composite wood?

A: WPC even in cold weather still good performance, however, because the plastic component WPC accounted for more than 50%, so in a very low temperature weather will harden harder punch, in which case we recommend pre-drilling.

Q: The hot weather be composite wood influential?

A: The appropriate span and head to the head, side to side the gap is at a high temperature in order to offset the impact of composite wood. When the temperature rises, wood plastic toughness will be enhanced, and there will be a slight expansion. Please consult sales staff prior to installation.

Q: How to care and maintenance of wood plastic?

A: Even if the wind and sun in the wpc outdoor decking will not be root, chipping or cracks, in addition to UV resistance, maintenance-free.

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