What Is Composite Decking

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A composite board is composed of a filler, usually powdered wood fibers (“wood flour”) that makes up the bulk of the board, a plastic binder, and a variety of additives that stabilize the plastic and protect it from UV damage. The standard type of composite decking is made from recycled materials. Composite decking can add visual flair to a property as well as provide a practical, low-maintenance staging area for outdoor activities.

What Is Composite Decking

SSTIC Composite Deck: Eco-Friendly Wood Alternative

Composite decking materials have soared in popularity lately, and one of our favorite man-made deck products is SSTIC CX. Its unique construction makes it a low-maintenance, durable, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood decking.

Wood can still be a great choice for a building material when it’s properly sourced and sustainably produced. But SSTIC CX utilizes a blend of recovered hardwood fibers and polypropylene. SSTIC’s polypropylene is stiffer and more durable, and it’s UV stabilized to prevent degradation from the sun, so under normal use the planks are rot-, splinter-, and crack-proof.

What Is Composite Decking Maintenance Steps?

1. Never use shovels or sharp edges to remove snow and ice from your deck.

2. Place a vinyl-backed splatter guard mat underneath your grill.

3. For oil and grease stains, speedy clean up is the best. The longer the oil or grease sits on the surface the most likely it is to soak into composite wood fibers.

4. Use extreme caution with pressure washers when cleaning your deck. Use at pressures less than 1,500 psi at 12″ above the deck surface.

5. Keep debris out of gaps between the decking boards so rain showers can remove pollen

6. Clean any mold spots when deck is completely dry with eco-friendly commercially available cleaners like Corte-Clean, ConcrobiumXT Eco-Wash or other commercial deck cleaners designer specifically for your type of decking. Strictly follow manufacturers’ instructions.

7. Clean your deck periodically, at least twice a year, to remove pollen, leaves and debris that promote mild growth.

8. Maintain a deck that is dry and clean. Dislodge accumulated dirt with a broom or by using soap, water and a scrub brush, scrubbing in the direction of the grain pattern.

9. Improve drainage or grade soil to eliminate standing water under decks. Direct downspouts, downspout extensions and splashguards away from decks.

10. Ensure adequate ventilation under and between decking boards to prevent mold growth.

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