PVC Recycled Material

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Wood plastic composite material is divided into two major categories of PE wood plastic and PVC wood plastic. PE plastic products in the outdoor garden construction-based, such as guardrails, floor, trash cans, flower beds, trays. PVC wood products are mainly indoor decorative material PE wood-plastic materials, such as doors, flooring, baseboard, door pockets, manufacturing mainly two, three PE recycling material and wood powder, calcium powder and a small amount of modifier. Manufacture of PVC wood-plastic material is PVC resin powder, PVC recycled material, wood flour, powder and modifier.

PVC Recycled Material

PE wood plastic products

PE plastic products, its advantages and disadvantages:

(1) PE wood-plastic material is waterproof and corrosion resistance is excellent;

(2) PE antioxidant and anti-photolysis poor, is the added effect of antioxidants and UV absorbers also less than ideal, this can cause the product strength and color fastness is not good, limited products outdoor life;

(3) heat deformation bending, but better thickening or porous hollow structure;

(4) a single surface color, no wood texture, beautiful and less effective. PE WPC natural characteristics, I think that the place is more beautiful feeling in the tray, template building, container pad some non-long-term exposure and non-visual requirements for the development and utilization;

PVC Recycled Material

Followed by PVC Recycled Material the other multifaceted performance of low-cost, fine processing, surface decorative wood products teach PE plastic is superior, mainly reflected in:

(1) PVC wood-plastic products can do (PE to do with the new material, the cost is too high, the product cannot enter the market), the modified easier, filled with new material or old material amount to look at product quality;

(2) PVC can be made of the low foaming wood-plastic products, lower costs, using coextrusion way (double multi-material co-extruded or steel-plastic co-extrusion), a sense of strength and wood grain;

(3) PVC the secondary processing diverse surface ornamentation UV paint, beautiful good color fastness or paint;

(4) PVC wood-plastic products, waterproof anti-corrosion resistance is also superior.

On the characteristics of the PVC wood-plastic material, PVC wood-plastic products toward the interior decoration materials (such as flooring, baseboard, trim, doors and door lines, etc.), furniture, decorative plates (such as furniture, plates, etc.), housing decoration materials (such as siding, insulation board, siding, etc.), the garden decorative material (barrier) in the development of wood-plastic-generation wood direction may be more promising. WPC also has a better category —– ABS wood plastic. ABS Wood plastic products easy processing, good strength, can also do the wood grain effect, beautiful and durable.

Wood plastic composite product application range

1.Difficult to enter the field of general wood products to enter. Such as outdoor architectural, garden facilities, wood packaging, etc.;

2.In wood products can play an excellent performance in the field to enter, such as building templates;

3 to enter the field of price advantage, highway, railway fences, etc.;

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