Composite Outdoor Floor

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Wood plastic composite eco floor, with its excellent water resistance, especially suitable for use in a water environment, mainly used for indoor toilet, bathroom, kitchen, outdoor, such as parks, the beach along the cliff, residential, gardens, ecological wood can also be used such as sauna, swimming pool.

Composite Outdoor Floor Decking

Composite Outdoor Floor-Installation Note

1.The foundation has a certain slope, the smooth flow of ventilation and drainage, wood plastic floor / ceiling from the ground at least 30mm (keel height of), the keel of available wood plastic keel or metal keel, composite outdoor floor cannot be laid directly on the fixed ground.

2.Keel available wood-plastic keel and metal keel, the height of at least 30mm, keel spacing shall not exceed 400mm. Wood plastic keel expansion screw fixed to the ground surface, usually 30mm thick keel 100mm window type expansion screw. Metal keel requirements of the wall thickness of at least 3mm, to ensure that 2-3 threaded screw. Foundation less smooth, keel required angle yards or U-shaped steel reinforcement. Installation of the keel, from the wall 8-15mm. Keel with ground fixed keel ends 50mm at nailing the two ends of the floor shall be paving the keel.

3.Composite outdoor floor/decking, cross-sectional shape of the four corners of the hollow floor cavity four corners shall be chambered. Snap Links of composite outdoor floor/decking, the slot depth must be greater than 6mm. Pavement, floor / ceiling from the wall 5-12mm. Is fixed, the distance of the screw plate end 15-50mm, 50mm or less of each floor must have the screws, the screws from the plate edge 20-30mm, between the plate and the plate spacing of 5-8mm board ends on contact pitch 3-6mm.

4.Composite outdoor floor/decking installed flush with the cut ends at the same time. All installation, pre-drilling depth with a diameter not greater than 0.8 times the screw length and diameter.

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