Composite Deck Installation

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The eco-wood composite deck installation relative to other materials to be easy, after a brief training, everyone can install and maintenance is simple, like dirt and the like directly wipe with water. Composite Deck Installation Preparation Before

1. Be completely cleaned up the installed base or support structure, to ensure their stability, mobile warp, collapse, subsidence phenomenon, no topsoil, no significant protrusions and construction waste.

2. According to the construction of buildings have been laid a pipe line layout of the situation, indicating the pipe, line position, in order to facilitate construction.

3. To determine a reasonable pavement program to calculate the number of required Keel, baseboard, clasps and other accessories.

Composite Deck

Composite Deck Installation Method

1. Floor: Calculate the floor placed on the program, put the line drill, placed keel. Keel spacing 400mm leveling Keel, fixed keel, placed the keel. Placed on the floor, with self-tapping screws, floor heads to head seams reserve 5mm gap.

2. Wall panels: the installation of the wall, according to the actual situation of special keel or aluminum side and steel through the keel. First clean the walls, to keep the walls dry, smooth, oil and other pollutants, according to the construction program to put the line drill, placed the keel, leveling the keel, the error is ≤ 2mm in order to install the panel, the yin and yang moldings with special moldings shut.

3. Square timber: First, determines the installation program, put the line hole, install the full-wire boom, placed the keel, the keel of leveling, error 3mm to install the grass-roots liner, the liner can be used for nine plywood, 12 splints, 5mm multilayer metal hanging installation.

WPC Maintenance And Repair Work

1. Pollution caused by mold, fungi, berries and leaves: Use a cleaning agent containing detergent and sodium hypochlorite.

2. Rust and crime: the use of phosphoric acid-containing cleaning agents, you can buy at home stores and hardware stores.

3. Grease contamination: contamination is found, it contains a degreasing agent, cleaning agents scrub clean.

4. The pollution mostly uses a wet rag and scrub can be removed.

5. Regular use of the tool to clear the profiles gap at the debris, to ensure smooth drainage.

6. Regular vacuuming or sweeping the floor to prevent sand and other hard objects to the accumulation of scratching the floor surface.

7. Avoid sharp metal, glass, tiles, studs and other hard object to scratch the surface profile.

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